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Ghost Night

With Medium and spiritualist Michael Rogers

Friday 24th Febuary 2022 @ 8pm

A 17th Century Inn, with this much history , an undiscovered secret tunnel to the church and Supposedly one of the only pubs in the country built on hallowed ground... 

Could you stay here... 


After the success of our first four ghost nights and the amazing feedback we have another booked in February.
The night starts with a meal followed by a session with the medium, then after a short break we will introduce you to the various parts of the building and the stories we know about, then we turn out the lights and split into two teams to explore the building in complete darkness. After a short comfort break at 11.45 we enter the witching hour with a group session in which ever location has been the most active.

Tickets are £45 per person

This event is now



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